Wednesday, July 16, 2014


In honour of my Queen's birthday, I composed this little story. When I started it a few days ago, I had in mind a sexy little story. But, as is so often the case, my Queen has inspired what could easily be the start of an entire novel. I hope you like it.


I was nervous. More nervous than usual.

This was going to be my first full week with my Queen. Hers, totally and completely, for seven full days, serving and being controlled every single hour, waking or sleeping.

“The only thing you’re going to need to pack is what you wish to wear home, once the week is up,” she’d said, making it clear just how total her dominance was going to be.

I’d barely knocked on the door when she swung it open to share a beaming smile with me. It was so amazing to feel like she was happy to see me, but I suppose I might have known from that moment that her plans were well formed.

She gave me a peck on the cheek and then brought me in just enough for there to be space for my first preparatory tasks. First was the collar, placed around my neck and locked. Then I had to quickly remove every scrap of clothing - shirt, jeans, boxers, socks and shoes. In moments, it seemed, my transformation was complete, from normal man on her porch to a strippped and collared slave inside. Of course, there was still much more ahead of me.

Silencing me was next, and a pink rubber ball gag was pushed past my teeth and buckled and locked onto me. It was a powerful thing, feeling the thing physically stuffed into my mouth, but also knowing any complaints or pleading were now impossible.

Leather cuffs were buckled and locked around my wrists and ankles. A 18-inch hobbling chain was locked between the ankle cuffs and my wrist cuffs were clipped behind my back.

“I’ve a bit of a surprise for you this week, Edward. I’ve managed to arrange a few things and sort out some schedules, and something particular became possible,” she explained as she clipped a leash to the metal ring at the front of my collar and began to lead me down into the dungeon.

The downstairs space had been rearranged, I noticed, and the reason became quickly clear. There were now four wire cages along one wall. My heart started pounding and my face started to flush, as I could see that one cage was inhabited.

She noticed my shock and giggled with pleasure.

“Yes, that’s right, pet. You won’t be serving alone this week. I’m going to have a kennel to serve me the way a Queen ought to be served.”

She left me standing, in near shock, in the middle of the room while she went over and unlocked the cage. She drew the man out with a tug of his leash, and when he was up on his feet I could see that he was prepared much as I was. He was gagged, collared and cuffed, though he had been put in a pair of pink panties. From the shape of the bulge of them, he was also locked into a chastity device. He looked to be around my age, with short dark hair, and a bit of a fully belly than mine.

“This is Piggy,” she said to me, “and you will be called Pet. These are the only names you will use or be used by this week. Learn them, as I’ll expect you to answer to them.”

She moved to him, to Piggy, and pressed a small piece of paper into his hand, then turned to me.

“Piggy is going to help you through the next few items on your list of being properly prepared for me,” she said with a smile. “Be good, and don’t give him a hard time.”

It was immediately clear that Piggy wasn’t any more comfortable with what was to follow than I was, though at least he had the advantage of knowing what was on the list.

We made quite a sight, two nearly naked men, both gagged, one trying to guide the other.

He took my leash and led me to the open shower in the corner of the room. I almost felt sorry for him as he soaked me from head to toe with the showerhead and then soaped a shower pouf as he began to wash my body from my neck down, scrubbing me far too thoroughly for my liking. All the while She sat and watched, clearly enjoying herself.

My heart pounded and I blushed a new, fresh red as he took out shaving cream and lathered it all around my cock and balls. My eyes rose to Her in a moment of disbelief, but she was eagerly drinking up my humiliation.

Piggy had to handle me quite a bit, reaching up under and around, instructing me to spread my legs more with a gagged grunt and a tap at my thighs. It was mortifying.

I thought the ordeal might be over when my balls were hairless, but he filled his palm with another dollop of shaving cream and smeared it up and down my legs. Once more I had to stay still, moving only when prodded, while he carefully removed every bit of my hair from the waist down.

I was almost getting used to the embarrassment of his hands on me, but it was still a fresh debasement to feel him handling so intimately as he fitted my freshly shaved cock and balls into a metal chastity cage. Even that wasn’t the end, of course.

He tapped me on the shoulder, nodding his head to the side, then finally lifted up my cuffed hands behind me when I didn’t get the point. He wanted me to bend over.

He tapped me once more, and I spread my legs as fair as the chain would allow. I moaned against the gag I felt the cold tip of the lubricated plug reach my anus, and that turned into a groan as he pushed and turned and pressed, pushing the thigh deeper and fuller into me. Finally by body felt the narrowing before the base, but only then did I notice the dangling squeeze pump.

He removed my ankles cuffs, but only long enough to guide my feet into fishnet stockings and to slip a pair of pink rubber panties over my feet. He fit a garter belt over my hips, rolled the stockings up to it, then pulled the panties up and over my caged cock and plugged ass. Conveniently, there was an opening in the back of the pantied to suit the pump for the inflatable plug.

My cuffs were released from behind my back, but when they were lifted up over my head and linked to a hanging chain, it was clear there was still more, maybe much more, yet to come. With the same wordless technique, Piggie shaved my chest, my arms, and shaved away my goatee. I was pretty much hairless from the neck down.

My wrists were freed once again, but this time they were not immediately re-cuffed. My arms had to be free, as Piggy put me into a pink rubber bra and then fitted a leather corset around my body. The bra cups were filled with breast forms, of at least a DD cup, that came complete with stiff nipples. Once they were in place and adjusted, he began pulling mercilessly at the corset’s laces, narrowing my waist as much as physically possible.

A wig was placed over my head and my lips were painted with a rather intense red lipstick... but it seemed like more than just make-up, as I could feel my lips tingling under the thick coat of colour.

He looked over at my Queen, appearing to request her approval of what had been done to me. She stood and circled me, taking in the transformation. She giggled with delight.

“Very good, Piggy. We’ve made pet into quite the sissy slave. In fact, I think we’ll just have to make ‘Sissy’ her new name instead of ‘Pet.’ Yes, I think that will definitely be the case. Your name is now ‘Sissy’ and you will answer to that name and refer to yourself by it. In fact, I want you to repeat each command as you assent it it, referring to yourself in the third person. Understood?”

I nodded, attempting to say, “Yes my Queen, Sissy understands,” but all that made it past the gag was a muffled moan.

“Now,” she continued, “since you are our Sissy for the week, you’ll be doing all of the ‘girl’ chores for me, and for all of the pets in my kennel this week. You will be cleaning. You will be cooking. You will be doing the laundry. If there is something to be done that might ever have been considered to be women’s work... it’s all yours.”

I didn’t really have time to think before the doorbell rang upstairs. Piggy and I were unceremoniously locked into adjacent cages and She left us to answer the door. We knelt in our cages, waiting, trying to avoid being caught looking at each other. At least our gags freed us of any attempt at small talk or conversation.

Eventually, yet another man was led down the steps. He was completely naked but for a leather collar, rubber ball gag and metal chastity cage. I said silent thanks to be left locked in the cage watching, rather than having to participate in his preparation. He was named simply as Slut.

The process repeated for him much as it did for me, though he did not have to endure as much. He was shaved and plugged and put into rubber panties, but he was not given the sissy treatment beyond that. It seems there was to be one Sissy, and she was me.

I had thought that getting us prepared and processed would have been a milestone all on its own, but for my Queen, it was just the start of the next goal.

“It’s almost play time,” she announced. “And I mean that we’re going to be putting on a little play, for me and of course for all my followers and clip purchasers!”

My heart pounded and my face burned. I wasn’t even used to being dressed this way and so completely exposed before these two strangers, never mind the entire Internet at large.

I was taken aside and made to wriggle into a tight red minidress, making me look even more ridiculous and sissified.

The “set” had already been prepared. A small rolling bar with a two stools against it, with a black curtain hung behind as a backdrop. Three cameras were set up on tripods.

“Go with it,” was her only instruction.

And so we started, just two “girls” at the bar, having drinks - which involved my Queen pouring shot after shot of tequila for me and instructing me to toss back each one. I was feeling light headed in no time.

My cock ached in its cage, as I was thrilled by the proximity to her, overjoyed at being able to serve her in person, and given a very close look at her very low cut top.

Soon, Piggy and Slut arrived, to play the roles of leering businessmen, and they were dressed in black suits with white shirts and black ties. They looked almost normal, though they were both still collared.

Of course, every drink they “purchased” was slid in front of me.

“There’s no need to compete, boys,” she laughed, “I can see that Sissy wants you BOTH. Get down on your knees, Sissy, and show them.”

I nearly fell as I slid off the stool to comply, though I could feel my dread as a physical reaction by now. Standing made me realize just how drunk I was, but I wasn’t standing long, and sliding down onto my knees was all too easy, being this tipsy.

I had to work with numb fingers and dulled senses to open the zippers of both of their trousers, where I quickly found that their chastity devices had been replaced with cock and ball harnesses.

“I know you’re hungry, Sissy, and you won’t want to take turns, so work them both at the same time. Once cock in your mouth, the other with your free hand... then back and forth, keeping them both happy.”

I looked up at her with pleading, wet eyes and a face that needed no make-up to be flushed. She only laughed out loud and told me to get going.

Piggy and Slut, if they were hesitant or embarrassed, hid it well. They were both semi-erect already. I’m sure the sight of our Mistress helped, and I had no idea how long they’d been kept in denial. Who knows, maybe my wig and fake breasts helped them deny what was happening.

It felt so strange to have another man’s cock in my hands, even more so to feel it harden and grow. When I could put it off no longer, I opened my swollen, painted lips and forced my head forwards. I had to fight my own mind, instincts and gag reflex, which only grew when I tasted his pre-cum.

The drink helped, pushing me past my inhibitions. Her encouragement and obvious pleasure helped as well. And so, all too soon, I was stroking and jerking off one man while my head bobbed on the other. And then I switched, back and forth, my mouth slurping from one to the other while I kept my left hand stroking one and my right hand stroking the other. She was watching and cheering and laughing, and had also picked up a smaller, hand-held camera to get close-ups of my degradation.

And then they came. I felt the strange tightness, the spasm, and then my mouth was being filled with warm, gooey, slimy, salty cum. I nearly gagged once more.

I kind of lost track of all that happened next, as it seemed that all of a sudden they were both cumming, shooting ropes of jizz into my mouth and over my face. I had to keep sucking, keep stroking, keep slurping until they were both done and cleaned up.

Once finished, I was tossed into my cage and a dirty, messy cum guzzling slut while her torment of the two of them continued. To me, that faded into a drunken daze and I soon passed out drunk with the inescapable taste of cum coating my teeth and tongue.

Everything seemed too early, too bright and too loud when I was awoken by her crop slapping at the door of my cage. My mouth tasted terrible, and I could feel that there was still dried cum on my face.

“No time to sleep away your life, Sissy. You’ve got to get presentable and make breakfast for us.” She smiled. “After all, that was just day one.”

Friday, March 28, 2014

Something New

“We’re going to be doing something new today,” she announced almost immediately after my arrival to serve her.

“Yes, my Queen,” was the only response I could make out loud, but inside my mind was racing with excitement and fear and heart-pounding arousal. 

Her announcement was just the tease to begin, and I still had my initial preparations to complete before anything else began. 

I stripped off every stitch of my vanilla street clothes, exposing the pair of lace panties, stockings and garters I’d been commanded to wear beneath them. I put on my regular “accessories” - heavy leather wrist and ankles cuffs and a leather dog collar. She inspected them, making sure they were appropriately tight-fitting, then secured each one with its own padlock. 

She then had me tug my panties down to my ankles for her inspection. I was required to be properly groomed and clean for her. 

“Good,” she pronounced. She then handed me an acrylic chastity device. 

I slowed my breathing and wrangled myself into it as quickly as efficiently as I could. Locked or not, I was required to be chaste for her, and given how long it had been since I was last allowed release, too much fiddling around was prone to get me too erect to allow the device to be secured without pain. Once I was properly inside, more of her locks were clicked into place. 

My hands moved to tug my panties back up but she stopped me. 

“No, not done yet. Turn around and bend forwards with your feet apart.”

I complied, the panties now stretched taut between my knees. 

“Reach back with your right hand, palm up.” When I did, she filled my cupped palm with dollop of cold, gooey lubricant. “Grease your ass, Edward.”

I reached around myself, feeling my cheeks start to warm, and did the best I could to prepare myself for the inevitable intrusion. I must have been quite a sight from her perspective, as she let me go on for quite a while before finally placing the plug in my hand. 

The tip was small and rounded but it widened quickly. It’s current size wasn’t the thought most urgently on my mind, however. As soon as the thing was in my hand, I could feel that from it’s base dangled something that was not just a fluffy tail. No, a glance between my legs confirmed my fears that it was an inflatable plug. I took a slow breath and wriggled and twisted and pushed the plug into me. 

She knew that few things made me feel so immediately and physically slutty and subservient than being plugged. I read her extreme pleasure in her wide smile as I was allowed to stand upright again. She moved closed to me and she herself reached down to take hold of the waistband of my panties, tugging them up over the bulging device. 

“The rest of your uniform is in the guest room. Go, get yourself ready. We’ve got things to do,” she commanded.

I moved as quickly as I could, feeling the pump bulb of the plug dangling and bouncing at the end of it’s rubber tube behind me. Her choice of clothing for me was quite a surprise. Rather than some slutty maid’s costume or humiliating collection of lingerie, there was a tailored black suit, crisp white shirt and black tie. 

I dressed as quickly as I could. I didn’t want her to come in and change her mind. I must admit, I don’t think I’d felt that I’d look this good in some time. I had had to leave the collar of the shirt open a bit to suit my leather collar, and my wrist cuffs were visible under my sleeves, but other than that I looked like any normal dapper gentleman. 

I stepped out for my Queen’s review and inspection.  She smiled wide upon seeing me. “Oh, aren’t you the handsome little slut,” she laughed. “Don’t get any airs though - you are all owned slut underneath that. 

And if her words were not enough to accentuate that, she took hold of the bulb and gave it four quick squeezes. I felt the plug getting larger inside me -- I don’t think it’s quite possible to adequately describe how it felt... it grew and expanding, stretching me but also making it feel like it was filling me in a way that would make the thing impossible to remove. 

I moaned softly. 

“One more thing to complete that outfit,” she smiled. She handed me a pair of black patent leather high heels. “Put these on. I don’t want us to be late for our first appointment.”

I slid my feet into them, rising up and working on keeping myself balance atop them. 

“Come on. We’ve got a busy day.”

She led me back out the front door. There in the driveway was a car that had not been there before. A gleaming black Lincoln Town Car. 

“In case it’s not clear, slut, you’re driving. Get my door. Today you are going to be the perfect chauffeur and servant. You will drive, open my doors, carry any and all packages, not to mention, any other thing I choose to have you do for me. You’ll get to meet some of your other sissy sisters in service as well, since we’ll be picking up one or two of them later. But,” she laughed, “we’ll get to all of that in due time.”

I opened her door and she slid into the rear seat like a true Queen, and I took my place in front - her secretly sissified, plugged and caged slut and servant. What could be better?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Royal Surprise

er instant message had broken the monotony of my work week in the most achingly joyful way. There was nothing normally exciting at all about a Tuesday at work. The calm of the past weekend had faded into the distance and the week ahead seemed all too long and full of the stressful minutia of work.

But her message burst through all that grey. She knew I kept a couple of toys hidden in my desk that I would often beg her to be allowed to wear for her, but this time the command came unprompted.

“You’re going for a walk at lunch today, pet,” she stated. “First you’re going to put on six of your rings -- metal and rubber -- and then you’re going to edge for me, and then you’re going to go out for a walk. You will walk the entire hour of your lunch, all hungry and swollen and ringed for me.”

From the moment I read those words, I was tingling. Noon could not arrive soon enough.

I was giddy as I breezed out of the office, passing by the busty receptionist, heading to the washroom while trying to keep the metal rings from clicking together in my pocket. It was a bit of a challenge to get the rings on, being already semi-erect from anticipation and the chance to obey, but finally I was able to pull and tug my cock and balls into them.

I stroked myself slowly. I didn’t need much at all to get hard, but I knew that She would want me to push myself as close to the edge as possible. I was interrupted just once by the sound of the door and footsteps of another man in the restroom, and I sat there, waiting, all too aware of the way I looked.

My bulge was large enough to make me self-conscious as I made my way out of the building and onto the street.

The ache was exquisite. I felt so swollen, so full, on that edge of pain with every step. I let the sights of the office women out for lunch in their power suits and summer dresses further contribute to my throbbing ache of arousal.

After about 40 minutes of walking, I started to think about adjusting my roundabout route to start to head back towards the office when I saw her up ahead. My eyes immediately widened and my head tilted. There was no way it could be true, but the closer I got the wider her smile grew.

“My Queen,” I said as I stood before her, everyone and everything around us fading into unimportance.

“Hello pet,” she said. She stood close to me, close enough to press her significant breasts -- even more amazing in person -- up against my chest. She took hold of my tie, curling it in into the fist she made of her right hand. She used her left hand to reach up and squeeze my balls through his trousers.

“Good pet... good little edward,” she whispered into my ear as I moaned, having used her grip to pull my head down to hers. “Come with me. Your afternoon plans just changed.”

She started to walk down the street, and I had no choice but to follow. I was in a state of shock - this wonderful woman, this Queen, lived hours from me, across borders of states and countries - how could I do any other but follow her. That, and she still held hold of my tie.

She led the way into a nearby boutique hotel. She breezed by the curious looking desk clerk without comment, leading me to the elevator. As the doors closed, she released my tie and held open her purse. “Your wallet, keys and phone go in here, pet.”

I reached into the pockets of my jacket and pants, pulled out the items and dropped them in as she smiled.

“Oh god, my Queen, I can’t believe you are actually here,” I said. “It is so many dreams come true.”

She smiled. “Maybe a couple of nightmares too, once we’re done.”

The doors opened and she walked confidently down the hall with me following close behind. She opened the door with a key card and we went inside, the heavy door closing with the thud behind us. It wasn’t just an ordinary hotel room, but a rather large suite. The windows were floor to ceiling and the flowing sheer drapes were pulled aside to let all the lights and sights of the city in.

“Strip down to your boxers, pet. Then stand in the middle of the room, legs apart, with your fingers laced behind your head. I’m going to fix myself a drink.”

She turned to the bar and I started to obey, very quickly becoming even more aware of the size of those windows. My the time she had her drink mixed, I was in position, blushing, heart pounding, my cock rock hard, tenting the boxers and highlighting the dampness that my precum had caused.

“Good boy,” she said as she moved behind me. I felt her fingers tickle over me as she reached around, fitting a wide leather collar around my neck. She buckled it and I heard the click of a lock as well. She guided my hands down, behind my back, then circled my wrists with leather cuffs, buckling and locking them securely as well. She linked them together with yet another lock.

Next were cuffs around my ankles. Those she connected to each other with an 18” length of heavy chain. I was quite completely helpless now.

She took out a black case and opened it on a nearby desk, letting her glance switch back between me and its hidden contents.

“Stick out your tongue,” she commanded. I obeyed.

She approached me, as I stood there with my tongue jutting out, and then showed me the rather impressively sized plug she’d chosen. “Give it a lick, pet. That’s the only lube you get.”

I moaned and felt my face grow even hotter. I shamelessly licked at the silicone toy as she held it out in front of my mouth, trying to coat it with saliva as best I could. Once she was satisfied, she pulled it away.

“Lean forward, legs as wide as you can get them.”

I complied, bending at at the waist until my upper body was parallel with the floor. She took out my phone and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. I watched in fear as she brought up the number for my office and turned to me with a wicked smile. “I guess you’d better tell that bimbo secretary that you’re going to be late coming back to work, hey pet?”

She laughed, then tapped the phone to make the call. She selected speakerphone, and the ringing filled the room as she moved behind me. Just as Sidney’s voice cheerfully announced the name of the firm, I felt my boxers being tugged down and the rounded tip of the plug press against my rosebud.

“Unnggg, Hi Sidney... this is Edward,” I managed. Behind me, my Queen kept pressing and twisting and pushing, stretching my ass open to take the widening body of the plug.

“Hi there. Is everything okay? You sound a little funny.”

“Oh, I’m fine... mmmmmmnnnnnggggg... Just... just... just walking... Everything is fine. Ohhhh...”

My Queen reached between my spread thighs to squeeze at my ringed balls for a moment, taking a break from stuffing my ass. But only for a moment, then she was back to pushing and turning it into me.

“I... I’m not going to be back... back in the office.... for a while... I... I.. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

“Oh... okay. But didn’t you have that meeting with Ms. Davis?” Alexa Davis was one of my supervisors and she’d wanted me to stop by her office upstairs before the end of the day.

“MMMnnngggg,” I moaned as the plug finally was finally forced all the way inside me, my body closing around the narrowing before the wide base. “Uhmnmmm, well, I don’t know if I’ll be back in time... Ummmm.... If I can’t make it I’ll call her later I guessssss,” I scrambled.

“Oh, well okay. Are you sure everything is okay?”

“Yes... yes... everything is fine.... It’s just... I ran into... a client... and we’re going to meet about some future work... “

“Okay. Well, good luck, and I’ll see you when you get back. Bye!”

The call went silent with a click and behind me my Queen began to laugh out loud.

“Oh well done... She probably didn’t know you’re getting your ass stuffed at all, pet. She doesn’t know you like I do.”

“Yes, my Queen,” I panted.

She guided me to stand upright again and she moved in front of me. She pulled out a large pair of sewing scissors and stood close.

“Now let’s see how these jewels are doing.” She cut away my boxers, sliding them to shreds. My cock was hard and throbbing, the rings pressing into my swollen flesh. My balls were tight and seemed very full and swollen as well.

Now a riding crop came out of her case, and she used the folded leather tip to lift and prod and inspect me. She gave a few slaps with it as well, making me moan as my trapped package bounced and swayed in response.

“These are nice, but they’ve done their job for now. In fact, let’s switch up a couple of things.”

She snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and moved even close, sitting on the coffee table. She tugged at the rings until my cock and balls were once again free. They didn’t remain that way for long, however. The small leather harness she held out seemed simple enough, and she fit the first strap around him, encircling the base of my cock and balls. The second strap was something different. It fit around my balls snugly, gripping and squeezing them, and that was even before she snapped across the bit that also separated them. Even then, moaning as I was, it wasn’t until she withdrew her hands that I realized that the wide strap around my balls was also weighted.

She slapped at them again with the riding crop. “I bet that feels just lovely, doesn’t it, pet?”

“Yes, my Queen... thank you my Queen,” I said.

“Of course,” she continued, “That doesn’t mean I want to look at it all the time.”

She bent down to remove the cuffs from my ankles. She stood behind me and unlinked my wrists cuffs from each other.

“In the small bedroom is your next uniform. Get dressed and return to me. Quickly.”

I moved as quickly as I could. Every motion made my balls ache, and I felt the width and length of the plug with every stride.

I blushed as I saw the items laid out. I did my best, balancing speed with not wanting to make a mistake. He fit the garter belt around his hips then rolled the black fishnet stockings up his legs. There was two garters for each leg, one in front and one in back. There were no panties, so no relief from the weighted ball-stretching harness -- just a humiliatingly frilly petticoat and mini skirt. There was no top, just a maid’s apron in black, trimmed with white lace. Lastly I slid my feet into the four inch heeled stilettos and buckled the straps around my ankles. There were tiny locks there, so with a deep breath I closed those too, locking the shoes onto my feet.

I hobbled back into the main room. My Queen greeted me with gales of laughter. She approached and clipped a leash onto my collar. She then proceeded to lead me in a few laps around the room, until I got slightly better and balancing atop the heels.

“You’re a sissy whore slut, aren’t you pet?”

“Yes my Queen,” he recited. “I am a sissy whore slut.” Every time they passed close by the windows, he averted his gaze, afraid to lock eyes with someone witnessing his humiliation.

“Yes, yes you are, pet. Come over here... get on your knees.”

I came close, unfortunately close to the glass once again, and knelt down. It was a relief at least to be off my feet for a while. Of course, there is never really any relief when serving someone as wickedly demanding as my Queen.

She pulled out a large silicone dildo, realistically molded, complete with balls, and smacked it’s suction cup base against the window glass about two feet off the floor. “Crawl on over, sissy slut pet, and get your mouth around it.

I blushed and moaned, but obeyed. On all fours, I had to tip and lower my head to get the floppy cock’s head into my mouth. It was immediately and viscerally degrading. She pushed me forward, making me take more and more of it. Once she was satisfied, she stepped back a bit and told me to get to sucking and servicing the fake cock.

“You’d better make me believe it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted, pet. Don’t just suck it, make love to it.”

My face was burning as I complied. I did my best, licking and sucking and moaning around it. I rocked back and forth on all fours, taking more and more if it inside my mouth.

“Oh yes, deep throat it you wanton little sissy slut,” she cheered.

Then, as if her instructions and jeers weren’t enough she forced me forward a fresh way, with the smack of a leather flogger across my ass. My skirt, such as it was, did not cover my ass at all in this position, so my cheeks were laid bare for her abuse. Over and over and over she struck, as I sucked that rubber cock, hoping that my service would earn me some mercy.

She struck my ass, the backs of my thighs, and even my throbbing trapped balls, making them ache and swell even more. I could feel myself drooling around the dildo and my eyes were wet as well. My ass was on fire, and I could only image how red it was glowing.

In her own time, she allowed me to stop. The flogging stopped first and then I was allowed to withdraw back from the dildo, my lips swollen and sore, drooling like a dog.

While I still knelt on all fours, she tugged out the plug in my ass, only to replace it with one even larger as well as inflatable.

At her command I knelt upright, my legs spread. She set a small squeeze bottle beside me and pulled up a chair. She laid her feet across my thighs and then allowed me to use the massage oil in the bottle upon her feet.

It was such a gift... not to be given a break from use, though that was a relief to be sure, but just to be able to touch her. Such intimacy and closeness. Such personal and useful service. I could tell she appreciated it, her feet and toes squirming in my hands. She would also signal her pleasure, or just her amusement, by giving the bulb a squeeze or two, making the plug in my ass grow even larger.

I massaged her feet wordlessly for at least half an hour.

“That was wonderful, pet,” she said as she handed me a towel to dry them off. “I want you to go the bathroom now, remove the plug from your ass, clean yourself up a bit, then head to the master bedroom. Kneel on the foot of the bed, face towards the wall, and wait for me there.”

I jumped to obey. Alone in the washroom, I released the air from the plug with a sigh of relief nearly as loud as the hiss of air escaping. There was an enema kit on the counter, which made it clear what her definition of “clean yourself up” included. That in itself was a humiliating and uncomfortable experience, but by the time I left the washroom, I certainly was completely and freshly cleaned.

I moved silently through the suite to the large master bedroom and took my place as instructed. My ass still felt stretched and used, making me very self-conscious as I knelt there with it facing the door.

When she finally entered the room, after making me wait in stillness, she slowly paced around, viewing me from all sides. Of course, it meant I also got to get a view of her. She was now dressed in a black corset, the laces slightly loosened toward the top, making it appear as though her breasts just might tumble free. What she also wanted me to see, I’m sure, was the immense dildo jutting from the harness around her hips.

Finally she stood behind me, her hands resting on my hips, drawing me back towards her. He guided the tip of her strap-on to my now well-prepared ass, With no fanfare or warning, she bagan.

Her hips rocked, and she pulled me back to increase the depth of each stroke. My weighted balls swayed around and slapped against flesh, aching painfully.

She was loving every moment of it, calling out as she fucked me. “Yes, take it all you slut. You love it when I use your sissy pussy... Beg me for it!”

“Please, please please my Queen... please fuck my sissy pussy,” I called out in depraved response. No matter what my conscious mind might have felt, my cock was purple and rigid, and her lust alone was enough to push me near the edge of my own arousal.

She slapped my ass as she grinded forwards, making the stinging and swollen red flesh cry out with refreshed pain.

She took my ass, using me deeply and roughly and completely... I don’t know for how long. Finally she did come herself, screaming aloud with a cry that shook the walls.

She pushed me forward, emptying my ass of the dildo, and collapsed on the bed beside me. I was not fooling enough to move from my kneeling posture. After a few minutes she arose.

“Now I’ve got to freshen up,” she laughed. Before she left she freed the dildo from its harness and buried about half of the shaft back into my ass. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back.”

It ached, as I had to grip the thing to keep it from falling out of me. I was straining, feeling like I would lose the battle, but then she returned. She pulled it from me again and tossed it aside.

“Stand up, pet,” she said.

As I stood, still breathing heavily, she removed my apron, my skirt and then the cock and ball harness. I breathed a sigh as the weighed thing came off, and blushed as it certainly seemed as if my reddened, full balls were hanging lower. My cock head was purple, glossy with precum. She didn’t leave me free though. No, she pulled out a clear acrylic chastity device and expertly locked my away inside it. I had perhaps hoped I’d be allowed some relief, but that hope was denied as she took the key and hung it around her neck.

She freed me from the high heels, the ankle and wrist cuffs and then, even the collar. All that was left was the stockings and garters.

She moved behind me and had me bend over once more. I felt her slide something cold and smooth inside me... and then another. “These are Ben-Wa balls, pet. There’s a little weight in each one, so not only do they slide against each other, they also seem to move on their own as you do.”

She laughed as I stood back upright.

“Here are some panties for you,” she laughed, and threw me a bit of sheer black lace with white ruffled trim. It would have matched the apron perfectly. I blushed a fresh red as I slid them on, stretching them over the bulge of the device.

“I think you’re really going to like the feeling of those balls inside you,” she said. “But even then, perhaps not as much as I’m going to like knowing they are inside you. You had better get that suit back on though -- that real man costume you’ll wear over the truth that these panties and stockings tell. Best hurry, I do believe you’ve got a meeting with... who was it... Ms. Davis?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes, my Queen. It was Ms. Davis, one of my supervisors.”

“Oh goody, I do like the idea of you working under a woman. Especially when you’re wearing women’s underwear. Best get dressed then, wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.”

God, I couldn’t believe it, but then of course I could. I hurried back out into the main room of the suite and redressed myself, trying to see if panty lines would show through my pants and how much of the stockings would show at my ankles.

My Queen returned my keys and phone to me, then my wallet after emptying it of cash. She also took out one of my business cards. She saw me notice, and smiled.

“Well, I have to know where to mail the key to your little chastity cage, don’t I?” she giggled. “I wouldn’t expect it before next month though, pet. At the earliest.”

She led me to the door and kissed me on the cheek.

“You’ve pleased me, pet. I’ve very happy I made the trip. Now you get going... I’ve got to take a shower and pack up all my things -- not to mention the cameras.”

She was still laughing as the door closed.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Office Torment, chapter 17

He struggled to stay upright atop the high heels. The large, jiggling fake breasts were throwing off his balance to make it even more challenging, but with his hands cuffed and limited in range,  he did NOT want to go tumbling to the floor. He wasn’t even sure he’d be able to right himself.

There on the fridge was his to do list. It was not a short list.

He decided to start right there in the kitchen. He loaded the dishwasher, which turned out to be quite a challenge. The posture collar severely limited the motion of his head, and even when he looked down as much as he could, his view was blocked by his new cleavage. This simple task ended up involving a lot of moving around and bending at the waist to reach into the dishwasher, and every time he did so, the plug in his ass seemed to ache more.

Once that was done and the dishwasher was running, he hand-washed the pots that remained in the sink. With the chains limiting the reach of his hands, this too involved a lot of bending forwards. Once that too was complete and every surface was sprayed and wiped, he realized he’d have to move on to the next item. His ass was aching, feeling full and stretched, and his feet were really starting to complain against the high heels. His jaw was sore as well, and he’d also come to realize that the ball gag made normal swallowing impossible, so he had an humiliating drip of saliva falling from his lips down onto the false breasts.

He passed by her as he made his way from the kitchen to the closet to get the vacuum cleaner and she burst out in spontaneous laughter. “Oh look, my slutty maid is drooling all over herself.” She was beaming. “Wait right there,” she commanded. She was back in a moment, camera in hand, taking shots of his face close up. “Good slut,” she said as she put the camera down. She gave the dangling pump three more squeezes before sending him on his way, and he couldn’t stop himself from moaning behind the gag as the plug grew again.

He vacuumed the entire place, room after room, and by the end of it he was actually getting used to walking on the high heels. Once or twice he forgot about the hobble chains and tried to take too long a stride, but he managed to stay on his feet.

It was agonizing to be trapped like this, in the humiliating get-up, with his trapped cock and balls jutting out. He couldn’t see them, but he could definitely feel them. Every time he caught sight of her his cock strained. Her breasts, her hips, her legs... every part of her made his long-denied body scream with denied arousal.

“Tidy up my bedroom next,” she commanded without explanation as he was putting away the vacuum cleaner.

He was nervous to go in. Even though it had been on the list, he felt like he was crossing into forbidden territory. She had used his attraction to her as a tease and a game, trapping him with it, but she’d never for a moment led him to believe that she returned any of his feelings or desires. She’d made it clear that the money she’d demanded was the highpoint of her interest in him, so there was hardly a bedroom invitation to be hoped for.

There was no lingerie strewn about to torment him further, which he couldn’t quite decide if he was happy about or not. He simply set to work, making the bed, dusting and tidying. There wasn’t all that much to do, as the room had been fairly clean to begin with, so he double-checked all his work and was preparing to head back to the kitchen to get the next item on the list started. She had other plans.

She entered the bedroom, startling him a bit. “Come here,” she commanded, then hooked a finger into the ring at the front of his collar, tugging him along behind her. She led him to the large walk-in closet. The closet had a pair of bi-fold doors that were made of angled wood slats, allowing ventilation. She pushed them open. It was quite large inside, with clothes lining two walls. The third wall featured a full-length mirror, and he was forced to confront the full humiliating reality of the way he looked.

She, of course, beamed as his cheeks burned red.

She moved to the wall opposite the mirror and pushed aside the hanging clothes, then pushed  him into the space vacated by them. She reached down to his cuffs and freed one end of the chain, pulling it free from the collar as well. She wasn’t freeing him, no, she just looped it over the hanging rod then re-attached it to the other cuff.

She moved down, removing the chain from between his ankles, then replacing it with a steel spreader bar. She pushed his legs wide, making it even harder for him to stand in the heels.

“You’re such a trashy, wanton slut Boss,” she teased, looking at him in his helpless position. “I don’t even want to get too close to you, for fear you’ll get all worked up, but I do have certain plans for your punishment and use that I just have to complete.”

He could see her reflection in the mirror but as she was in front of him, that didn’t offer much. And with the collar and stuffed bra, trying to look down was wasted effort.

So he just tried to guess what was happening through feel. What was evident quickly was that she was affixing something around his balls, full and aching and sore, dangling down beneath the chastity device.

When she stepped back, he could finally see it. It looked like a black cone, or inverted funnel affixed around his balls. The widest part was the bottom, and there were three short chains coming from around the bottom, joined to a single ring that now dangled between his spread legs.

She read the confusion in his eyes. “It’s called a parachute, Boss. I found it in the ‘ball stretcher’ aisle. Guess what it’s for?” She laughed at his silent reaction. “These were sold separately,” she continued, opening her hand to show him what looked at first like earrings, but there were too large and plain. When she hung them, one by one, by their hooks to the dangling ring of the parachute, it became obvious they were weights.

“If you think they hurt now, just wait...” she giggled. She reached down between his spread legs and pumped the anal plug five more times then, after a pause, three more. His moan of anguish became only bubbles of saliva around his gag.

“Keep it down, you horny slut,” she commanded, just as a doorbell rang. “Company’s here!” she cooed.

She left him, closing the closet doors behind her.

Muffled sounds were all he could hear at first. She was laughing and chatting up whoever had been at the door, and who was now being toured around. A clink of glass hinted they were then sharing a drink.

He stood there, his arms dangling over his head, his ass painfully full, The ache of his balls, now sensitive at the best of times, was only growing more pronounced. He was sure that the parachute seemed lower now that it had been, stretching his balls downwards, making them even tighter inside their trap.

He was jerked out of his self pity by the sudden increase in the volume of their voices. They were in the bedroom now, and it was clear her guest was a man. He had a low voice, but didn’t seem to say much. She was laughing along, but with a much different laugh than she used towards him. It was higher, more girlish and flirtatious.

“Enough small talk,” she said to him, “I want you to fuck me.”

In the closet, his eyes widened quickly. Oh god, they were going to have sex just on the other side of the door, on the bed he’d just made, while he stood her in her closet, trapped and humiliated and tormented.

Small talk indeed did end, and he caught sounds of moaning, gasping and rough kisses. Clothes were being torn off, and then he heard the sounds of the mattress straining.

She was moaning and screaming out with a passion and tone that took him completely off guard. She’d always been totally in control in her interactions with him, right from the start, but with this stranger she was the one wanting. She was nearly begging the man to take her. She was being so clear about how she wanted him, he wondered if she was almost narrating for his benefit.

“Oh fuck yes,” she screamed out, “take from from the back. Bend me over and take me!” He felt his cock straining against his unwanted arousal.

They went at it for what seemed like hours. He heard her call out with orgasm, faked or not, four times. The man grunted with three of his own orgasms as well -- and with one of them he heard his Mistress’s voice mumbling, making it clear beyond a doubt she had him in her mouth.

Every bit of his body ached. His legs, his arms, his shoulders, his ass, his cock, his balls, his jaw... all of him. All he could do was listen to some of the most energetic sex he’d ever imagined, while he stared at his humiliating reflection in the dim light of the closet. Helpless and tormented, yet aroused beyond his own control to resist.

They shared one more nearly simultaneous orgasm, followed by the briefest of rests after the sound of the two of them collapsing onto the bed. She led him out, but not at all rudely. It was clear that fucking and fucking alone was what they had both desired.

After the front door closed, he heard her slowly padding her way back to the bedroom. The closet doors opened, and he blinked at the light. She was wrapped in a red silk robe. He couldn’t help but notice with fresh frustration that her nipples were stiff.

She smiled wide and then held up three used condoms, still full of the stranger’s cum. “Sorry,” she teased, “I couldn’t save the load he spread all over my titties.” She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as much as the posture collar would allow. Then, one by one, she held the condoms by the tip and let the cooling cum drain out over his face and gagged lips. She laughed uproariously as she finished, looking at the mess she’d made him.

She gave the anal plug four more pumps, then added three more weights to the ball stretcher before leaving him again.

“I’ll be back for you in a bit... I’ve got to take a shower...” she smiled, a wicked light gleaming in her eyes. “Or maybe a nice, looonnnggggg bath.”

Monday, July 22, 2013

Waiting to Serve

If you serve a dominant woman online, as I serve my Queen, you may know of the ache of wanting to serve... perhaps even feeling like you need nothing more than to serve her RIGHT NOW... but she's not there, not online, or not available.

It aches. It tingles. You want to serve. You want to suffer... or shall I just stop pretending and say "I" instead of "you"?

I've seen some wonderful images online, by some of my favourite kinky artists and visual story tellers. My cock and balls ache to be bound or teased. To be trussed up, commanded to edge and feel that exquisite pressure that can be replaced by nothing else.

I'd love to be commanded to go to some private place at my work and have to stroke myself hard, only to deny myself at the very end, then make my way back to my desk, trying to disguise my erection as I walk past the young, busty receptionist with the innocent smile.

But you know what? It all comes back to something you have to learn... no wait... something I have to remember when it comes to submission. Here it is. It isn't about me. It isn't about what I want. It isn't about my sensations or my gratifications. It is about my Queen and her pleasure and her wishes.

She is likely taking some time for herself or perhaps she's in her dungeon tormented a slave in a way that I only dream of serving her in real life, if geography didn't separate us. She is doing what she wishes and what she needs to do. And suffering... not getting what you want it when you want it... well, that's just part of serving, isn't it?

So I've got to keep my hands off myself. I've got to keep those CBT toys un-played with in their secret spot. I've got to just think about how much I crave my Queen, and how ready I'll be to serve her when she chooses the time for me.

Thank you my Queen, in your absence, for reminding me of this important reality of submission.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Office Torment, chapter 16

He obeyed that evening, of course. He had no choice. Not any more.

The activities were humiliating. They were chores he was almost getting used to -- but there were not the kinds of things that ever stopped being humiliating for him. Riding the dildo against the glass was uncomfortable and of course he had to worry what about others could see on the other side of the sliding door glass, but having to suck that realistically molded cock was much worse.

She’d made it clear he had to learn to take it deeper and deeper, but every time he tried to push himself further he felt the barrier of his gag reflex. By the end, each time, he felt nauseous and his eyes were watering.

The other tasks were powerful in their ability to embarrass him, in ways that surprised him. He felt so silly, walking around his apartment in the panties and heels, but the big, heavy stuffed breasts worked on his mind constantly. The rice stuffing this time made them heavy, sliding around as he moved. In the past she’d had him stuff the bra with balloons full of water or milk, which were even heavier and moved around even more.

It also worked on his mind that he was beginning to find the plug filling up his ass as an physically arousing tease. Something about the way it moved inside him or teased his prostate made his cock, trapped and locked away, ache all the more.

As he knelt to say his new prayers, starting to speak them aloud, his mind again battled against him. His immediate instinct was to say the words quietly, but he knew that would not satisfy her. How loud did he have to speak to be heard by the microphones she’d hidden?

Would his neighbours here these words too? That was a worry that he couldn’t allow himself to focus on.

In as clear a voice as he could muster, he spoke out the words.

“Thank you Mistress Kitty for making me your slave.
Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning my cock.
Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning my ass.
Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning all of me.”

Without thinking, he added an “Amen” and crawled into bed.

His mind stirred and boiled for quite a while before he was able to drift off into a fitful sleep. As such, when he woke to the sound of his alarm at 7:00 he wasn’t feeling exactly rested.

He rose warily from the bed. He was typically allowed to remove all the toys and stuffing before sleep, but he was still wearing the bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. He padded off to the kitchen and before the pot of coffee was finished he received a text message from her, filling in the outstanding details of  her instructions.

He was to dress casually but jeans and t-shirts were not permitted. He could dress normally, but as he did not have any men’s underwear left, he wasn’t to wear any at all. She didn’t require him to bring along any of his toys or clothing, just himself dressed simply, but with $500 in cash. Other than that, he was simply to be showered, well groomed from head to toe, and prompt.

Of course, as nervous as he was, he was early. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he paced back and forth, waiting for the appropriate time to knock. The second hand on his watch seemed to barely move as he waited, but finally the time came. He felt light-headed, but he knocked.

The door swung open after just a few seconds and there she was, all smiles. “Come in, Boss.”

She was dressed casually, which was only more devastating than usual. She wore tight black jeans and a simple red V-neck wrap-around blouse. He fought to keep his eyes up.

He stood in the entry vestibule, waiting for instructions, as she closed the door behind him.

“I trust you’ve been able to follow simple instructions,” she started, “so let’s begin with your wallet. Empty your pockets onto the tray there.”

He found that his hands were shaking as she took out his wallet, keys and the loose change from his trouser pockets. Her attention went to his wallet first of all, and she smiles widely as she pulled out the wad of bills. She slowly counted it out before him, making sure it was all there, before tucking the wad of bills into her cleavage.

“Good boy, Boss. Now, you’re going to be working here today, so let’s get you into uniform. I’ve got some things laid out in the guest bedroom, so follow me.”

He followed, taking only brief glances down at the roundness of her behind, fearing discover and unwanted arousal in equal measure. She led him into a small bedroom, simply decorated, with a single bed against the wall.

“Strip,” she commanded, and he did, quickly and nervously. It was so imposing being before her, naked, and he couldn’t stop his body from reacting, feeling the pain as the chastity device fought back against his attempted erection.

‘Such an needy mess you are,” she teased. “Turn and lean forward, hands on the bed.”

He followed orders... embarrassed as he bent forward, knowing just how exposed his ass was to her.

“Here,” she said, “Take this.”  He lifted one hand up and reached back, feeling her place something in his palm. “That’s the plug for your ass. Get it in now.”

He blushed deep red, but didn’t hesitate. He took a deep breath, trying to relax, then started to wiggle the thing past his tight anus. There was something dangling from the base of it, but he was focused solely on getting the thing fully inside him.

Once he had, she had him stand back up, turn back to him, and she smiled. Now he could see the thin rubber tube dangling down from the plug, complete with the tell-tale bulb at the end. He shivered a bit.

Next was a pair of stretchy shorts, complete with a small hole in back to feed the plug’s pump through and a larger hole in front so that his caged cock and balls were still completely exposed -- in fact they seemed to stand out even more now that  his ass was covered in tight red latex.

She sized him up, giggling silently. “Almost there,” she teased.

She then had him step up into four-inch heels with straps that actually locked around his ankles. Ankles that she then locked into leather cuffs which she linked with a length of chain around 18” long. He wasn’t going to be running anywhere.

Further making running impossible, she affixed a bra around his chest and then filled it’s immense cups with remarkably real looking, massive and heavy breast forms. He wanted to stare down at them, but she held up his head as she placed a wide leather collar around his neck. There were chains hanging from a ring at the front of it, and those were extended to leather cuffs that matched those on his ankles, which were now fastened around his wrists. He had limited use of his arms this way, but was no longer able to reach down as far as his waist.

“One last thing... I want you to be seen, and not heard, Boss.” And with that she pushed a red rubber ball gag into his mouth and past his teeth. She buckled it behind his neck.

“You see, I was thinking, last time I was cleaning up my place, that I wasn’t really enjoying the process. Then I realized, if I’ve got a bad boy like you, who’s dirty lusts have gotten him into so much trouble that he’s fucking his ass and wrapping his lips around rubber cocks for me, dressing up for me, even praying to me, well then, there’s no damn way I should be doing my own dusting!”

There was, of course, nothing he could do but not by this point, and feel the discomfort of extra saliva building up in his mouth.

“And if I’m going to have a maid,” she laughed, “it may as well be a slutty one! And you, my dildo sucking, ass-fucking boss of mine, are now the biggest slut I know. There’s a list of chores on the fridge. I don’t think I need to tell you that when you’re finished there had better not be a single streak, missed dust or a single surface that isn’t clean enough to eat off of. Go.”

And so off he marched, struggling to stay upright on the high heels, the fake breasts bouncing and jiggling, the plug feeling strange and foreign in his ass, and his cock aching as usual. She followed him, purring and giggling, taking the opportunity to give a few pumps  to the dangling bulb, making the plug swell, stretching his ass even more. He could tell it was going to be a long, long day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Office Torment, chapter 15

Back at work, with another week drawing to a close, Elizabeth made no special mention of how she had helped herself to his money, nor of her demonstration of power in any way. She arrived a touch later than usual, but went through his inspection as she did every morning.

Even after a restless night, Edward was still beginning to process this latest development.Sometime around four in the morning, he’d gotten up and actually made an attempt to start changing some passwords only to find that she’d already taken that step. Not only did she have access to all of his bank accounts and social media but she’d actually taken that access away from him.

More and more he found that his escape routes were being eliminated. When all this started, he could have been free of her by quitting. After that, he could have been on his own through the endurance of some rather severe humiliation and exposure, but there would have at least been a light at the end of the tunnel. He might have had to move, at the worst.

Now, he didn’t know what options were open to him. Could she wipe him out? Take his savings, his home and his car? Every time he let himself think about it for too long it felt like someone was trying to drive a spike through his forehead.

He looked up from his work, stealing glances at her. He almost forgot, during some of those times when he was on his knees in his own home sliding a dildo in and out of his own well-lubed ass, that she was so incredibly beautiful. Her breasts, so full and apparently so firm... he had to look away. He didn’t want to be caught staring, to be sure, but the true incentive for him to avert his gaze was the ache. The fucking chastity device, the thing that started it all, was still probably one of the most effecting bits of torment. He was truly starting to think that his balls were fuller and heavier now. His mind kept returning to this need to get hard and to cum. There was all the blackmail and her power, but there was also the fact that he had to keep her happy and do what she wanted if he was ever going to get out of this thing.

Getting back to work, he also realized that they were getting close to the end of this project. With it arriving just as she took control, his mind had linked the two somehow. He doubted very much that she’d be done with him any time soon, not now that she had only just begun to show off how vast her control was.

For the moment, however, she seemed satisfied just to be working away, using her control and device to keep his attention focused on the project while at work, and on her every other moment. He forced his thoughts back where they should be, and managed to make his way through the rest of the day without more than two sessions of having to pause due to the ache of frustrated attempts by his cock to stiffen.

As the day creeped to an end, it was harder and harder to focus. It had become an unspoken rule that, even though she continued to refer to him as “boss” at work and take her project assignments from him, the work day did not end until she announced it.

Finally, around six, she stretched (a motion that only increased the power of her cleavage) and rose from her desk.

“Well, boss,” she smiled, “That about does it for me.”

She gathered up her things and pulled opened the office door wide open. The place seemed mostly deserted -- not too surprising at this time on a Friday. She paused in the doorway and looked back at him.

“Tonight is going to be low-key for you. Dress code is high heels, stockings, garters, thong panties and a DD bra stuffed with, lets say, bags of dry rice. Then just a half-hour of dildo cock-sucking practice and 20 minutes of ass-fucking with the glass-mounted suction cup model after that. Then plug your hungry, used ass and watch what you want on TV but no internet or computer tonight.”

She smiled.

“I’ve got a new bit for you, that I really like. From now on, every night before you go to bed, before you take out the plug, you kneel at the side of your bed and you say your prayers... to me. Out loud. I want to hear it, and you know I'm listening. ‘Thank you Mistress Kitty for making me your slave. Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning my cock. Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning my ass. Thank you Mistress Kitty for owning all of me.’ Got it?”

He blushed deep red. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied.

“Good,” she said. “And get to bed early. You are to report to my place tomorrow morning at 9am sharp.”

He sat in stunned silence as she slipped away. She’d never had him over before. Hell, she’d never been anywhere but work and shopping with him. Now she wanted him at her place? His heart pounded. He knew it would be an enlightening trip, getting to see what kind of home she had. Would he even get to see the set-up from which she watched his every move?

Yes, there were lots of opportunities and possibilities, but he couldn’t escape his primary reaction.